Trainee Survey & benchmark report

Your voice can create

quality Traineeships

Trainees, your input is shaping the future, and charting new courses for traineeship programs, helping the next generation of leaders rise. How? Through your survey input. We simply couldn’t do this without you.

As a social enterprise, we’re entirely dedicated to creating opportunities for young professionals to learn, advance and evolve. We know that traineeships are the key to unlocking boundless and fruitful futures, and that’s why we work tirelessly to develop traineeship programs alongside you, the trainees.

why should i get involved?

It doesn’t cost you anything to participate, just some time (20-30 minutes to be precise). 

Your feedback and participation in our benchmark survey allow us to create insightful performance analysis, competitive comparison, and continuous improvement recommendations for organizations. 

Your input allows us also to spot emerging trends. Together we can make a real difference to the standard of traineeship programs, and that’s an exciting prospect. 

Are you, or do you know a current trainee that would like to get involved in this year’s survey? 


Based on the Trainee Survey, participating companies receive a personalized benchmark report as part of the competition process, full of insightful performance analysis, competitive comparison, continuous improvement recommendations and future trend identification. 

A comparative benchmark report is available for purchase for non-competing companies who are curious about developing and improving their traineeships.