Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions
1.1. Election of the Best Traineeship Benelux (hereinafter referred to as the Election).
1.2. The Client is the party who has registered to participate in the Election (hereinafter referred to as Participant).
1.3. Organizer of the Election of the Best Traineeship are Tohora, eenmanszaak met KVK nummer 72113723 en KAM2 Holding B.V., met KVK nummer KVK 61466476 (hereinafter referred to as Organizer).
2. Applicability
2.1. All bookings accepted by Organizer and arrangements made by Organizer are subject to these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions prevail over the terms and conditions of the Participant.
3. Registration
3.1. By sending the application form, the Participant agrees with the terms and conditions for participation in the Election.
3.2. Organizer will confirm the registration by e-mail.
3.3. The information provided to the Organizer should be fully and truthfully.
4. Cancellation
4.1. Organizer reserves the right to change dates or to cancel the Election, without Participant can claim any compensation for damage against Organizer.
4.2. Organizer will not be held liable in the event that the Election or part of the Election cannot take place due to circumstances outside Organizers control.
4.3. In the event that the Election or part of the Election cannot be carried out, Organizer will do their utmost to find a suitable alternative date for Participant.
4.4. In the event the Election or part of the Election arranged by Organizer cannot take place due to circumstances outside Organizers control, Organizer hold the right to postpone or cancel the participation without any legal or financial liability towards Participant or any third party unless stated by law. In such case, the agreed financial and/or legal liability rests with the Participant.
4.5. When the Election is cancelled, payments already made by the Participant to Organizer, will be reimbursed.
4.6. A registration cannot be unilaterally withdrawn or changed by the Participant.
4.7. If Participant cancels the of participation after registration, the Participant is obliged to pay the full participation fee.
5. Invoicing and payment conditions
5.1. Together with the confirmation of registration Participants will receive an invoice from Organizer.
5.2. Participant will ensure that the invoice is paid within 30 days after receiving the invoice.
5.3. In the event that the registration is issued to Organizer less than 30 days before the date that the Election takes place, the invoice must be paid immediately. Organizer holds the right to cancel the participation in the Election if payment has not been received on the day before the Election is due to take place. All costs incurred in relation to such cancellation will be payable by the Participant.
5.4. In all circumstances, if payment has not been received ultimately in time (as described in article 5.2 until 5.4), a 5% fine over the total outstanding amount will become due.
6. Final provisions
6.1. Organizer has the right to the Participant who acts contrary to provisions of these terms and conditions without notice and without judicial intervention, Participants exclusion from participation.