Trainees and alumni, we need your help to impact the future of traineeships.

Nov 24, 2020

Are you currently participating in a traineeship program? Or finished in the last 3 years? We need your support by completing the Traineeship Evaluation Survey to change the future of traineeships worldwide. 

At Best Traineeship, we envision a world where traineeship programs provide impactful, life-changing opportunities for young professionals to learn, develop and succeed in their chosen careers. 

But to get there, we quite simply can’t do it without you. By taking part and completing our annual survey, you can help to shape the future of traineeship programs and their outcomes.

Want to join the annual survey?

What is Best Traineeship?

We help organizations around the world evaluate and improve their traineeship programs through our annual Best Traineeship competition. The competition allows competing businesses to gain extensive insights, research, and knowledge into their own traineeships and discover how they can grow, develop, and improve.

How does it work?

Companies enter their traineeship programs and compete over 5 months to win prestigious awards and the coveted title of Best Traineeship.

But it goes beyond a shiny trophy and title; it’s a learning experience like no other. 

With your help, each year, hundreds of current trainees join our annual survey. Your insights into your traineeship experiences create 10 unique benchmark standards, which we use to assess the quality and impact of traineeships, but most importantly, allow us to empower program managers to question, learn, discover, and grow their programs and outcomes.

Read more about our annual competition here.

How you can get involved?

Get your voice heard by taking part in our annual survey.

Nobody knows a traineeship better than a trainee. Companies may think they’ve got a great program with ample opportunities, but how impactful is it really? That’s where you come in.

Our survey is designed to learn from you. Your answers and insights help us to spot emerging trends and make in-depth performance analysis and continuous improvement recommendations for organizations. 

By taking part in our survey, you can make a real difference to the standard of traineeship programs, and that’s an exciting prospect.

Why should I get involved?

If your traineeship has impacted your life, take this opportunity to help organizations create and enhance their programs for the next generation.

Here’s a few more reasons –just in case you’re not already convinced:

  • It’s completely free
  • It only takes 20-30 minutes to complete
  • Hundreds of organizations hear your feedback

Your input to the Traineeship Evaluation Survey gives us the knowledge to empower organizations to improve, enhance, and enrich their traineeship programs. 

Without your insights, organizations simply can’t grow and develop. 

Who are we?

We’re a team of dedicated learning and development experts who believe in bringing businesses and people together to create opportunities to learn, improve, and evolve for both economic and social value.  

We’re incredibly proud to run Best Traineeship as a social enterprise. We know that traineeships are the key to unlocking boundless and fruitful futures. That’s why we work tirelessly to develop traineeship programs alongside you, the trainees.

Together we can help organizations create impactful opportunities for young professionals to not only grow but thrive.