Raising the bar on traineeships with new transparent benchmark standards

Oct 29, 2020

Ahead of the Best Traineeship 2020 competition, we’re delighted to announce new transparent benchmark standards designed to accelerate insights into what it takes to create an outstanding and impactful traineeship program.

The annual Best Traineeship competition and yearly benchmark report continue to gather momentum, captivating businesses across diverse industry sectors who want to impact and inspire their traineeship programs’ growth and success.  Does your organization and traineeship program have what it takes to compete this year?

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What is The Best Traineeship annual competition?

 Does your company have an award winning traineeship?

Every year we work with outstanding organizations and individuals to assess and develop their traineeship programs. Companies can enter their programs and compete over 3 rounds to win prestigious awards and the coveted title of Best Traineeship

The competition allows competing organizations to gain extensive insights, research, and knowledge into their own traineeships and discover how they can grow, develop, and improve.

Discover more about the annual competition here.


Giving complete transparency and insight into the benchmark standards is another way we’re driving traineeship excellence, which, as a business, is our vision and purpose.  Revealing our benchmark standards is an exciting prospect that we believe will enhance organizations’ opportunities to create impactful traineeships.


Trainees themselves help form the 10 benchmark standards. Through our annual trainee survey, their input and participation allow us to create insightful performance analysis, competitive comparison, and continuous improvement recommendations for organizations.

Raising the bar on traineeships with new transparent benchmark standards.

The 2020 benchmark standards

Our benchmark standards comprise of 10 unique categories. Today, we’re proud to share the first 5, which also form the best in practice categories and discussion topics for round 2 of the annual competition. 

During the semi-final, organizations are assessed on their program’s ability to perform against these 5 categories. Then winners are selected for Best Practice awards and The Best Traineeship Manager award. Best Practice Winners then go on to compete for the overall Best Traineeship award.  Read more about the competition and the rounds here.

Personal Branding

The program drives trainees to understand and clearly communicate their authentic personal brands, which are recognized by a valuable & extensive network within the company. A personal brand is defined as the unique combination of values, skills, and experiences that make a trainee who they are. It is how they present themselves to the company. 

Balanced Projects

The program ensures that the trainee is exposed to varied projects and job functions to provide a wealth of experience in a relatively short period. The projects have clear expectations and timelines that support a rotation between multiple hierarchical layers and departments. 

Learning and Development

The program has a well-thought-through learning & development methodology that is firmly embedded within the entire organization. It focuses on empowering trainees and equipping them to drive the company’s business performance in a shorter time period than non-trainee hires. The program includes individual learning needs analysis and an L&D plan adapted as the trainee develops and takes on new projects; this includes standard company driven and individual topics. 

Performance Improvement

The extent to which the traineeship program is driven by the measurable performance of individual trainees, their participation in projects, as well as involved mentors and managers. Performance measurement and related feedback are welcomed by trainees to adjust behavior and skills swiftly which in turn embeds continuous improvement and learning from mistakes. 

Return on Investment 

The extent to which the trainee, the program, and the projects have received a measurable value for the individual trainee and the company in general regarding the investment of resources, i.e., financial, time, network, or reputation. 

 We believe our benchmark standards are beneficial to all organizations, no matter the sector or size, empowering program managers to question, learn, discover, and grow their programs and impact. 

Celebrating growth and evolution in traineeships.

The traineeship standards will never remain stagnant

That’s part of our responsibility and commitment to organizations, program managers, and trainees.

They evolve as the world and the expectations of trainees and organizations grow. We are always striving for better opportunities, outcomes, and excellence. That’s what makes them so crucial to the development of impactful traineeships.

So, how does your traineeship program stand up to our best practice standards? Do you think you have a program that ignites organizational success and creates opportunities for young professionals to thrive?

We invite all organizations that want to meet, network, gain insights, and keep improving their traineeships to register!

During our Traineeship Manager event, a new element to our annual competition, the chance for many diverse companies to come together to discuss, align, and evolve these standards, is one of the most beneficial aspects of the whole annual competition. 

The conversation will begin this year at our virtual traineeship program manager event on the 12th of November. Are you ready to join the discussion?

Transparency in traineeship standards

Transparency in the world of traineeship standards gives organizations and program managers an opportunity for growth and improvement. We hope our new standards will:

  • Increase the visibility and focus of traineeship standards
  • Inspire organizations to improve and develop their programs
  • Challenges organizations to enhance their program value and outcomes
  • Provides accurate, measurable comparatives for organizations

Get ready to innovate your traineeships, and make an impact on the futures of tomorrow’s leaders. 

Let’s blaze the trail together.