Meet the 2024 Best Traineeship Judges 

Feb 29, 2024

As we are in the final countdown to the final on March 8th, 2024, we wanted to introduce the Jury and the insights they bring to our competition.  

The judges for the Best Traineeship Competition bring a wealth of experience and insight to their roles. Having worked with diverse traineeships, their expertise extends beyond mere knowledge, encompassing a profound understanding of the intricacies of various training programs.  

Their ability to provide constructive feedback that inspires change and is matched by their awareness of the diverse landscape of traineeships and what makes a traineeship the “best in class”. These judges ensure that their evaluations are informative and inspire participants. They possess a unique skill in asking pertinent questions that not only help improve current traineeships but also prompt teams to contemplate the future trajectory of their programs.  

Their practical communication skills and talent for offering constructive criticism while providing support make them instrumental in elevating the quality of traineeships.  

Meet the Judges 

This year’s panel of experts represents different facets of the traineeship experience, from entrepreneur to corporate and from group to individual development.  

Kieran Canisius Best Traineeship Jury

Kieran Canisius

Kieran is an entrepreneur with a robust business development, operations, and pharmaceutical industry training history. As a jury member for Best Traineeship since 2015, Kieran is deeply engaged in education and growth and has a keen eye in ensuring that a traineeship offers all stakeholders sufficient return on investment. She is a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge of various traineeships, offering valuable feedback and insights. Known for being outspoken and articulate, Kieran can elevate traineeships by asking pertinent questions, inspiring with their words, and providing expertise from firsthand experience. Her energetic and determined approach underscores a career marked by a solid connection to education, fostering professional development and the value that the program brings. 

Tom Vuorinen Best Traineeship Jury

Tom Vuorinen

Specializing in organizational development, Tom focuses on shaping future traineeships. His expertise in executive leadership aligns seamlessly with the dynamics of traineeships, emphasizing the importance of connecting people and building authentic personal brands for visibility. His substantial experience in a corporate environment and now as an entrepreneur provides extensive understanding of the environment in which the Trainees and Traineeship should excel.  As a sociologist and facilitator with over two decades of experience, Tom excels in designing and implementing large group interventions, valuing collaborative models that intertwine human behavior transformation with content change. As a well-rounded addition to the Jury, Tom represents the corporate perspective and contributes to a diverse panel encompassing various career backgrounds.  

Rani Zuijdervliet

A psychologist and seasoned practitioner in vitality and performance, shares her journey seeking personal and professional balance. Over almost two decades, she’s evolved as a coach and trainer, now striving to guide others in becoming their best selves. Rani emphasizes authentic growth, rejecting the notion of becoming a different person. Her coaching principles include result-oriented focus, honest analysis, injecting fun into learning, a no-nonsense approach, and a passion for genuine connections. Rani’s commitment lies in helping individuals build a foundation for long-term inspiration, effortless flow, and, ultimately, being their best version. 

Yvonne Oostvogels

ProRail Overall winner 2022, Guest Jury Member 2023

 14 years ago, Yvonne started her career as a trainee and after several managerial positions, mainly in operational environments, she has been Trainee Manager at ProRail for the past year. Her responsibilities include the entire set-up and training program of the traineeship, recruiting and selecting the trainees, and during the two-year program she is also the direct manager of all trainees. She continues to be very proud that last year they were chosen as the Best Traineeship 2022 and now has the opportunity to share her expertise on the judging panel during the final of Best Traineeship 2023. 

The combined expertise of Tom, Kieran, Yvonne, and Rani in the realm of traineeships is a formidable asset. Their extensive experience and effective communication skills make them adept at providing constructive criticism, support, and inspiration. While Kieran brings entrepreneurial insights, Tom contributes from a corporate perspective, Rani specializes in individual growth and Yvonne brings a keen eye of the high bar set for the current title holder of overall Best Traineeship. Their collective experience extends to various companies and brings a diverse mix of backgrounds, ensuring a well-rounded approach that understands the intricacies of the workplace, creating a unique and balanced dynamic for shaping the future of traineeships.

Best Traineeship drives traineeship excellence to build brighter futures together. Are you curious about how the Best Traineeship Competition is shaping for this year? Follow our LinkedIn or Instagram accounts for the latest updates.  


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