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2015 Best Traineeship Winner – Enexis

The professional jury praised the Enexis traineeship for its strong commitment and involvement from top management, not only during the traineeship but also after, through their continued mentor program.

Their program is exceptionally well organized, structured and supported. Trainees reported positive and impactful levels of communication and plenty of opportunities for project involvement.

Enexis showed and proved program consistency across all aspects of the traineeship assessment and are the crowned winners of 2015 Best Traineeship.

Best Practice Winners & Best Traineeship Manager

Award for Best Practice: Training & Development – Nationale Nederlanden (previously Delta Lloyd)

The jury applauded the Nationale Nederlanden traineeship for its well organized, methodical and systematic approach. The program is well supported throughout the organization, and the input from top management had a visible, positive impact on the trainees.
Development of the individual is truly at the heart of the Nationale Nederlanden program. We commended their alumni trainee community, which provides a fantastic support and learning experience for current trainees. The retention rate is high, thanks to the excellent flow of opportunities within the organization.


Award for Best Practice: Balanced Projects – Enexis

The Enexis Traineeship is a well-managed, highly structured and a professionally organized program that offers many opportunities for the trainees to stay after completion. The jury recognized the positive impact of project allocation, based on personality and trainee preference. Enexis encourages its trainees to manage and direct their careers and experiences.

Enexis have in place a clear program development plan, ready to adapt their traineeship accordingly alongside trends and challenges. The program is also open to external parties showing clear social commitment.


Award for Best Practice: Personal Branding – Proximus

The jury considers the Proximus traineeship to be well thought out and carefully constructed. The traineeship is expertly organized and offers many opportunities for the trainees. The attention from the top and especially the CEO proves how vital the program is within the organization.

Proximus focuses on creating tailor-made traineeships, which give each trainee enough time to get to know and understand the company. There are several examples of trainees who have gone on to become critical figures and real leaders within the organization, and this shows their commitment to developing and retaining top talent.


Award for Best Practice: Mentorship – Makro

Makro’s traineeship centres around guidance. They have dedicated board members who act as program mentors called “Meters.” Trainees spoke highly of their mentors, who they could confidently turn to for both professional and personal coaching, being able to pick their mentor was also a big bonus for trainees.

The jury commended the Makro traineeship for is organization and thoughtfulness. The close connection between trainees and higher management is visible. Makro offers great opportunities to grow, develop and progress into the organization.

Award for Best Practice Performance Appraisal – Coca-Cola Enterprises

The Coca-Cola traineeship is well organized, structured and thought-out.

Their program is tailored to the trainee and offers many opportunities for progression. The jury applauded how Coca-Cola has developed this program as a fast track to leadership and management. The Trainees are considered future organizational leaders, and Coca-Cola provides steps and precise appraisal to help them achieve this.

The panel saw real tangible development of this program from previous years. Coca-Cola has done a fantastic job adapting their program.

Traineeship Program Manager- Sabine Gerrese (DisGover)


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