2016 Winners

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Return on Investment

Performance Appraisal

2016 Best Traineeship Winner – Nationale Nederlanden (previously Delta Lloyd)

The professional jury commended this year’s Nationale Nederlanden traineeship program. With vast improvements and development since last year, this shows their dedication and commitment to creating relevant, impactful traineeships that offer growth and opportunities.
Well-organized, supported and recognized throughout the business. Their program shows clear and visible unity and consistency across all aspects of the traineeship.

Best Practice Winners & Best Traineeship Manager

Award for Best Practice: Training and Development – Randstad

The traineeship focuses on the development of the individual, both during and after the traineeship. The program recognizes and focuses on trainees’ unique strengths and talents, and builds development around this.

The jury applauded their program “think tank” which provides a valuable learning and development opportunity, further enhanced by the addition of a social psychologist, which distinguishes the Traineeship from others.

Award for Best Practice: Balanced Projects – DisGover

DisGover has worked hard to implement the program improvement points from 2015, resulting in significant program growth. The traineeship focuses on the development of the individuals and offers great project variety.
DisGover is consciously involved with the internship and provides fantastic learning opportunities.

Award for Best Practice: Personal Branding – Nationale Nederlanden (previously Delta Lloyd)

The jury was happy to see how Nationale Nederlanden had implemented recommendations for program improvements from 2015. Trainees have gained improved insight into personal branding, and this is clearly visible now in the program structure and results, and through the behavior and awareness of the trainees.
The traineeship is well-supported throughout the organization and provides valuable learning experiences for trainees.


Award for Best Practice: Return on Investment – Mainfreight

The jury commends the program as a fast track to management, this shows that the trainees are recognized as future organizational leaders.

Many former trainees have positions in branch management and the European support team. The retention is excellent because of the focus on creating opportunities to grow; therefore, the return on investment is high.

Award for Best Practice: Performance Appraisal – Randstad

To further recognize the trainees’ unique strengths and talents, Randstad has a fixed grid in the appraisal and remuneration structure. Each trainee receives 5 reviews in 2.5 years. The jury is positive about this fixed structure.

Best Traineeship Manager – Claudette Rensen, KPN

The professional jury compliments Claudette Rensen for her dedicated involvement with the trainees. Claudette provides clear direction to trainees and is a trusted manager that trainees can turn to for guidance; she is visible and approachable, continually looking for pathways to improve and develop traineeships.

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