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2018 Best Traineeship Winner – KPN

KPN’s traineeship program stands out amongst this year’s competitors. They continue to develop and enhance their program to meet the varying demands and trends of traineeships.

They provide a dynamic and safe environment for young professionals to gain valuable professional and personal growth and experience.

Best Practice Winners & Best Traineeship Manager 

Award for Best Practice: Training and Development – KPN

KPN give a lot of attention to developing their programs around what the trainee is interested in learning, KPN encourages their trainees to experiment and push themselves to try new areas for development and growth. Trainees are consciously recommended to move beyond their comfort zone and are rewarded for their courage and daring. Trainees are supported to learn from mistakes and failures. The learning curve is steep, not only in personal development but also professionally. 

Award for Best Practice: Balanced Projects – Gemeente Amsterdam

For the second year running Gemeente Amsterdam claim the title of Best in Practice, Balanced Projects. Their continued variety and quality of projects makes them leaders in this field. Trainee feedback provided insight into how empowered individuals feel during projects. Trainees report that the organization of projects and guidance allow them to make real, impactful contributions.  

Award for Best Practice: Personal Branding – DisGover

DisGover provides a solid platform for trainees to showcase their unique skills, nurturing their talents and enabling confidence. They provide specific and extra personal branding training that allows the trainees to grow and showcase their development. 


Award for Best Practice: Return on Investment – Mainfrieght

Mainfrieght won this award also in 2016, and we are pleased to see them retake the title this year. Their fast track to management program is praised highly by the jury, we noticed from day one the trainees are challenged to improve the business.

Trainees are also responsible for training their successor, which gives them a unique experience. The retention (79%) is high down to the positive career opportunities at the end of the traineeship.

Award for Best Practice: Performance Appraisal – KLM

KLM is focused on guiding their trainees to success. They make sure the trainees know exactly where they are at every point through the traineeship, providing clear and constructive feedback and appraisal. They set realistic challenges and can be proud of their trainee engagement.

Best Traineeship Manager – Claudette Rensen KPN

Claudette Rensen won this title in 2016. We are pleased to see her retake the title this year. Claudette enthusiastically focuses her time on continuously enhancing the KPN traineeship programs. Claudette is a knowledgeable, trusted program manager who provides unrivalled guidance, and is not afraid to tackle substantial challenges.

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