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2023 Best Traineeship Winner – ENEXIS

Enexis wins the award for Overall Best Traineeship 2023. Their winning formula lies in offering a unique blend of experiences, bridging the realms of traineeships right from the onboarding stage. Notably, Enexis fosters a culture of authenticity, where trainees are encouraged to remain true to themselves amidst diverse challenges. The program’s appeal is further amplified by its alignment with Enexis’ overarching strategy, ensuring trainees actively contribute to organizational goals.  

What sets Enexis apart is the emphasis on individual growth and connection-building, exemplified by personalized coaching and a robust project portfolio. Their commitment to diversity and inclusion shines through in the selection process, ensuring that the trainee group has varied perspectives. Internal teams consistently praise Enexis trainees for their authenticity, self-awareness, and tangible impact, reinforcing the program’s sterling reputation. Enexis Groep’s traineeship is a beacon of leadership development, empowering participants to make a meaningful difference while staying true to themselves. 

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Best Practice Winners & Best Traineeship Manager 

Award for Best Practice: PERSONAL BRANDING – ENEXIS

The Enexis trainee program emphasizes personal branding, offering exposure to operational and staff functions from the start. Trainees share experiences, enhancing cultural alignment and adding value to Enexis’ strategy. Networking, mentorship, and diverse coaching options facilitate individual growth. Selection criteria prioritize diversity and inclusion, enhancing the program’s authenticity. Trainees are encouraged to maintain authenticity, distinguishing themselves amidst project opportunities. Their impactful contributions are valued by company employees, further solidifying the program’s reputation.


Mainfreight traineeship is balanced and driven by a clear vision and upholding their standards. They prioritize talent retention and development through ample growth opportunities. Trainees enjoy autonomy within a structured framework, fostering self-direction. The company maintains a strong identity rooted in distinct values. From entry-level positions, trainees gain a holistic understanding of company roles, preparing them for leadership. Embracing a non-hierarchical approach, Mainfreight empowers individuals at all levels. The European leadership team includes former trainees, showcasing a commitment to internal talent cultivation and promotion.


The Calco trainee program prioritizes return on investment, fostering authentic engagement and adaptability. Regular dialogues and coaching for field managers ensure alignment with company objectives and evolving skills. A clear trajectory from trainee to manager yields an impressive 85% ROI after three years, showcasing program effectiveness. Emphasizing blended learning and continuous improvement, recent enhancements underscore a dedication to excellence with rigorous initial assessments and tools enhancing effectiveness. Partner company selection prioritizes coaching quality, positioning the program as a guide for aspiring professionals committed to growth and success.


Award for Best Practice: Learning & Development – ALLIANDER

The Alliander Traineeship offers a dynamic journey emphasizing learning and development. Trainees start with technical training and progress to potential project management role, with structured assignments and organizational support empowering each trainee with clear career paths and networking opportunities. While departments propose projects, the Talent Manager ensures fairness in decision-making, fostering a sense of control among trainees. Transparency and control during project allocation are appreciated. The program prioritizes diversity and inclusion, showing tangible advancements. Leveraging networks, colleague collaboration, and specialized training courses reflect a professional commitment to growth and skill enhancement.


Schiphol Airport prioritizes Performance Improvement through comprehensive stakeholder communication and diverse perspectives in the Schiphol Group Traineeship, including external inputs. Enhanced interdepartmental connectivity fosters collaboration proactively. Diverse candidate selection methods aim for inclusivity. Leveraging networks and learning suppliers like Inspira demonstrates a commitment to transparency and ongoing improvement, setting a positive precedent for trainees. Abundant project opportunities offer autonomy post-guidance. Starting at the employee level grants trainees valuable insights for later roles. Quality mentorship, ensured through training sessions and regular meetings, nurtures continuous growth and support.

Best Traineeship Manager – JESkE VAN BOXTEL –  ENEXIS

Jeske van Boxtel’s recognition as the Young Talent Manager of the Year for Best Traineeship is thoroughly deserved. Beyond typical managerial duties, Jeske fosters learning and development by leading through example and actively engaging in projects alongside overseeing the traineeship program. Her extensive network within the organization ensures seamless alignment of trainees with suitable assignments and departments, prioritizing individual well-being before task delegation. Jeske’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident through her receptiveness to feedback and proactive measures to enhance the traineeship program. Moreover, her passion for her role and strategic vision empower each trainee to realize their full potential and contribute significantly to the traineeship program.

Jeske’s dedication has elevated the traineeship program to new heights, garnering recognition and admiration, making her a worthy recipient of this prestigious award.  Congratulations to winner Jeske van Boxtel EnexisBest Traineeship Program Manager 2023!

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