2022 Winners

Overall winner Best Traineeship

Best Traineeship Manager

Fugro - 2022 Best Traineeship Manager Award

Learning & Development

Balanced Projects

Fugro - 2022 Best Practice -Balanced Projects

Personal Branding

Talent in Huis- 2022 Best Practice -Personal Branding

Return on Investment

ProRail - 2022 Best Practice -ROI


No Winner in 2022

2022 Best Traineeship Winner – PRORAIL

ProRail wins the award for Overall Best Traineeship 2022. The jury was impressed with the visible commitment to continuously evolving quality traineeships with high retention rates set them apart from the rest, earning them this year’s highest recognition.

A unique and diverse group of trainees benefit from the ProRail program, with traineeship groups a mixed layer of experience. Trainees are recruited on a continual basis, meaning that a lot of learning and sharing is found between the trainees.  Through their strong traineeship program, they educate 55,000 ProRail employees, and have strong and effective traineeship content.

NN Group - Best Practice 2020
NN Group - Best Practice 2020
DisGover Best Practice 2020
Best Practice Personal Branding 2022 Talent In Huis
Overall winner of Best Traineeship 2022 - ProRail

Best Practice Winners & Best Traineeship Manager 

Award for Best Practice: PERSONAL BRANDING – Talent in huis

That in combination with the excellent benchmark survey scores, and the impressive semi final round during the interview with the jury, the award for Best Practice: Personal Branding was a clear decision. Specifically, during the jury interview, the Talent in Huis trainee not only understood Personal Branding thoroughly but also knew how they could utilize it effectively, both personally and professionally. The excellent overview of his qualities, challenges and how he can over come these impressed the jury significantly.


The Fugro traineeship is a strong representation of experiential learning with the trainee set firmly in the drivers seat. Fugro trainees have the freedom and flexibility within their traineeships to choose their own projects and their own development. The jury identified that this also increased their ability to embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process. The combination of these things is a more unique approach which impressed the jury. The method clearly identifies individual needs and selects the best strategy for trainee projects.


The benchmark scores, combined with the semi final data and the jury interviews all supported the award of ROI to ProRail. Particularly impressive was ProRail’s high retention rate with trainees. Alumni-trainees move through the company to the highest levels, including to the Executive level, expressing the high value in which ProRail holds your traineeships and the value they add to ProRail.


Award for Best Practice: Learning & Development – Enexis groep

Enexis’ impressive and innovative ways in how they have woven experience and interplay together to create a safe place for trainees to thrive and develop was highly impressive. Equally as impressive was the way learning and development is implemented for the whole company, as few companies structure and embed this learning for supervisors, mentors and other team members to improve their programs continuously.

Best Traineeship Manager – Manon van beek –  FUGRO

A clear winner from the impressive pool of Young Talent Managers was Manon van Beek. Notably, Manon was nominated by 100% of the Furgro trainees in the Trainee Survey and this award  was supported by the jury unanimously – a truly remarkable achievement! Congratulations to winner Manon van Beek of FugroBest Traineeship Program Manager 2022!

The trainees said the following about Manon:

“She has raised the bar on this traineeship and turned it from a guinea pig project into a global program with an extremely high learning curve and significant more exposure.”


“Manon van Beek, for her invaluable energy, care and commitment to making this idea for a traineeship into a fully professional and global traineeship!”

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