2017 Winners

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Best Traineeship Manager

Training & Development

Balanced Projects

Personal Branding

Return on Investment

Performance Appraisal

2017 Best Traineeship Winner – DisGover

The jury was impressed with the devotion DisGover displayed through the continued improvements to their traineeship program since 2015.
DisGover brought in changes that have had a resoundingly positive impact on the business and the success of the trainees. Their program is highly regarded, generating real growth and transition opportunities for trainees into government careers.  We applaud their continuous growth.

Best Practice Winners & Best Traineeship Manager 

Award for Best Practice: Training and Development – KPN

KPN implemented significant program improvement recommendations from 2016 benchmark report, and this had a positive impact on the traineeship standard.

They show a balanced approach to development and training, encouraging both professional and personal growth. We applaud their peer review program and assignments and commend their development of program specific training modules on strategy, compliance, KPN Agile.

Award for Best Practice: Balanced Projects – Gemeente Amsterdam

Gemeente Amsterdam provides a commendable wide variety of project involvement and assignments for trainees on their programs.

Projects are managed consciously and carefully. Such varied opportunities give trainees great opportunities to grow, learn, adapt and succeed.

Award for Best Practice: Personal Branding – Enexis

Enexis have worked hard to invest in better program training guidance for trainees. They now offer specific, advanced training on personal branding, and this has had a positive impact on trainees. Trainees now feel confident to present themselves, and this is down to the dedication Enexis have shown to improve specific areas of their traineeship program.



Award for Best Practice: Return on Investment – DisGover

Winners of this year’s Return on Investment best practice award, DisGover have successfully graduated 106 trainees, many going into direct government careers. Four previous trainees now form core members of the management team. Their relatively low training costs to their 100% graduation rate proved their ROI.

Award for Best Practice: Performance Appraisal – Facilicom

Facilicom shows a real commitment to the innovation of appraisal and feedback systems. Their 360-degree feedback benefits leadership, teams, and the entire organization immediately. By providing a safe, confidential, and reliable way for trainees to provide feedback, the company gains valuable insight into current leadership, teams, and overall health of the organization, while providing a fantastic experience for trainees on their program.

Best Traineeship Manager 2017 – Grietje van Dijk, Gemeente Amsterdam

The jury commends Grietje on her positive and energetic management of trainees. We found her approach genuinely refreshing. You offer your trainees the tools and stage to present themselves professionally and have shown innovation in program management.

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